[Solved] ListView with links and pictures

Hello There,
I am trying to make my Listview items clickable without luck. Can anyone share a tutorial or explain how this can be achieved in Thunkable-x, please?



Thank you.

Hey @86188296cd8d41, welcome :wave: and thanks for posting to the community!

What do you want those options to do? They should already be clickable.
For example, clicking a list item could load information in a pop-up window, take you to another screen, add an item to a list of other items, remove an item from a list, or cause many other actions to take place.


Thanks a million. I want the options to take me to other screens.
How can this be achieved please?


Hi, @86188296cd8d41! :wave:

I consider that you want to send the clicked item’s data to another screen - right?
If so, then you can refer to my tutorial on “How to send data from one screen to another with Local Storage”. I’ll link the tutorial here -

Hope I helped you! :smiley_cat:
Thanks! :blush:

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Did you change the title?

I think you may like this post, it would allow you to create dynamic list viewers with whatever organization you’d like.

This is a list of notes I’ve taken. A row will populate for each note I have. Each row is made of 3 labels and 1 button.

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Thank you so much!
The clicked item is actually meant to do three different things as seen in the picture below.

  1. Show details of logged in user- Information from firebase
  2. Resources- A page created inside Thunkable
  3. Logout-Information from firebase

If there was an actual button to click for individual items, then it would have been straight forward for me. If you have any resources that can address these, it will be a life saver!
Thanks again.

Hi, @86188296cd8d41! :wave:
Thanks for the explanation - it helps a lot! :smiley_cat:

These would work too, just need to command the 3 buttons. But, the list-viewer looks minimal, and moreover, it’s challenging for you to do. :upside_down_face:

I have some question for you, have you prepared code for the Show Details, Resources (screen) and log out ? Also, do you you have separate screens for Show Details & Resources? And how do you relate this to transfer data between screens?

Thanks a lot! :blush:

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I guess I dont understand.

When you click ‘my details’ do you expect a popup to appear with that info, or do you want the user to be taken to a new screen. or are you trying to show dynamic content on the same screen?

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At the moment, just the Resources (screen). I am currently working on the other two.

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+1 @jared! :smiley_cat:

Thanks! :blush:

Yes, i do.

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I would recommend a custom row with buttons on each screen then with absolute positioning and a bottom offset of 0

this way you can add whatever buttons you want and this is easier than using the list viewr for what you are doing

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Thanks - Now I am clear.

I would too prefer @jared’s idea of simple buttons, it would be better.
When button1 click, perform first action. When 2, then second action, & so on, and so forth.

Thanks! :blush:
P.S. @jared please explain me the technical terms of “bottom offset” & “absolute position”? I don’t know what they do/mean … :innocent: Thanks! :blush:

I figure that this will be a lot easier, just wanted to learn how to make use of the ListView to do same…

Thanks you.

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maybe this can help you.

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It’s awesome that you wanted to learn a new thing, and it’s not that different from buttons.
In this block,


you would just need to check the “item” = details/resources/log out with an if-else_if block. And perform their actions respectively.

Thanks! :blush:


if index = 1
set label 1 = var resourceInfo
if index = 2
navigate to screen 2
if index = 3
call signout method


Will try this now.
While you are here. I posted this yesterday on the forum as well. Could you be of help as

I just created a chatbot using Amazon Lex. Is it possible to incorporate the bot in Thunkable, if yes how?
Or can I create a chatbot in Thunkable directly? If yes, I would love to learn how to do this.
Thank you.

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Thank you. Will do this now.

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This worked!
Thanks to you both. @kartik14 @jared