How to program a listviewer

Hello community does anybody know how to program the listviewer? example; when list items is pressed go to a new page…thanks in advance

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in listviewer click event to navigator other screen.

Hallo MiuMiu

I will try it out, and let you know if it works…

Another fast quistion WiuWiu: is it possible to send out an email too?
Example: I am building an app for my school (i am a teacher and responsible for the schools IT)
I want my colleagues ( if there is a problem) to send a message through the app.
So when they press a button, it send their message to my email.
I know that is possible in the Thunkable for Android.

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thunkable ios not yet have send email functuon,but you can do it with webviewer,design a html page for send mail,such as my first ios app for generate qrcode.

Hi MiuMiu,

Thanks for your help but I will wait till Thunkable has those features.
Still thanks for your help!