Perform calculation each day

I have 2 students who want to make a budgeting app. On one screen, they want to have a total amount for the month (say $600) show on screen 1. Screen 2 would how much you can spend each day of the month (let’s use 30 day month). One screen 3 would allow user to put in amount spent and then calculate remaining amount. Thank you!

What exactly is the question? Can we see what you have tried?

Please have a look here on how to ask great questions

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Being new to Thunkable and not great at programming, I am not sure where to start with them or how to make this happen

To get familiar with Thunkable, you can watch tutorial videos.

But your question involves many steps that would be required to do all of that. So it’s best if you/they get started on the project and then ask a specific question about where you’re stuck.

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I would make this much simpler by have a label that shows their starting budget and then a button that opens a “screen” (just a hidden column that displays after clicking the button that they can enter their expenses) and updates then updates the label with the remaining amount. They could also use a listview that shows them all of their expenses so they can see in real time where the money is going. This can all be done on one screen fairly easily.

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Thanks so much. I’ll work with my kids looking at it from this perspective. I hope you don’t mind if I happen to hit a brick wall

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