Hiring a Thunkable Expert

I am wondering how we find Thunkable implementers who we can hire.

I love Thunkable and the editability of Airtable.
I love the coding interface.
I love the ability to make minor edits myself.

Just implementing the initial app is lengthy.
Who can I hire?!


X is still in its early stages and it’s developed from scratch. Most of us are still trying to get grasp of all the features available :wink: Not only that, this is still in development with lots of bugs and many features on roadmap. You may not get all the app functionality that you expect. But in a few more months (hope that will be as early as possible), many more will be on board and you can find more professionals

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Could you describe what you are trying to build? It may be easier for someone to see if they may be interested in helping you build it.


I will upload the specs shortly! Thanks!

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I am trying to complete an app.

This app should allow me to enter Income and Expense data for 12 weeks.
The app should then calculate the Net (Income - Expense) and display it in a line chart.

How would I begin to approach this in Thunkable?

Hi Grant,

The initial part of your application sounds simple enough, you’d just set your 12 weeks with textinputs on income and expense. Then you would sum all income text inputs and sum all expense text inputs, then use the math block to minus one variable from the other variable. You can see an example here: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/8c01f6c8068f3ccb69e5f63c3e8a2803

There is no line graph component - so in order to do this the only way I could think it may work is if you upgrade your Airtable account in order to use block content in Airtable, you could then submit this Income / Expense data to airtable generate a line graph from airtable and bring it back as an image in thunkable - but not sure this is even possible?

Hope this helps,



Jacob correctly suggests using the AirTable for this. Only this requires 1 input field and two buttons Income and Expense. When you click Income in the table, a positive value from the input field will be written, when you click on Expense - with a minus sign. After that it is possible to quickly sum up all the values ​​in the list. The value of the sum in the input field is always entered positive and for this a numeric keypad with the button “Done” is used. The table also needs to record the operation date and other parameters so that you can verify the correctness of the input. The date can be obtained using the Web API or entered manually.

On the other screen you can to make a list in which you can see the operations and detailed information about the selected operation. To display the graph, you can use the Web Viewer and some JavaScript framework, for example, flotcharts.org or Google Charts.

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Hi @actech how can we use Google charts in thunkable X and how can we pass the values to webview?

Great question! Following!

Oooh. This may be the way to go, Web Viewer. Thanks!


Pass data to the Web Viewer.


Also, are you on Upwork or something? Could I hire you to build this out for me?

hi can anyone help me with blocks out there


What did you have difficulties with?

I sent you a private message.

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I am making an app in which a user has to write a no like 23,25,26etc and then have to give answer of certain question (McQ) and the option they will select will have a number like1,2,3 which will be not visible to the user and that will be added or subtracted to the number given by the user and then the result will be shown
Please send the pic and there are multiple questions

I also need help. I am trying to make an OCR with the help of the Google Vision API.

But am not able to find out how to do it

Hey @mparv1996hjmhaq,

we have a number of experts in the community who would be able to help you out with this - I’d be happy to recommend some if you like?

Can you tell me a little more - either here or via a PM - about your company, when you need this app completed and what your budget for the project is?