[Solved] Create charts from LocalDB?

I developed this app to be used for my Masters Capstone Project in Professional Behavior Analysis. The app is designed to be used for caregivers to collect and submit data on three behaviors for their child and to send it to their therapy program supervisor.

Currently, a parent opens the app and decides on a few things. Who to send the info to daily. What behaviors to track. And how to record them (e.g. occurrence/non-occurrence, Likert scale, count each response).

All data is stored as “stored variable pb1,” for example, and the information is then submitted to my database on AirTables though there I port the data to google sheets and am creating graphs from each user’s data.

Is there a way to make these charts from within the app itself? If so, could someone help me with this. My project will be distributed free/close to free when it’s finished for use with low-income families. Anyone that can help or collab would certainly receive credit!


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Sounds like a useful app and good of you to offer it for free or at an affordable price.

I don’t believe there are any built-in ways to graph data in Thunkable but you could stack colored squares without border lines and create a bar graph, for example, from the value of a variable.

@actech may have a newer version but here is his demo project, you can create graphs using the google api shown in his chart screen https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5d70f93f8a62b4079eedaff2/project/properties/designer/

In my example, data URI is used, and this does not work in applications installed on iOS.

Map Canvas allows you to create different charts. See Map canvas and Polipaint

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ACtech demo project
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Thank you! This makes sense why it’s not working. I use iOS. Thank you for clarifying that.

Has anyone had success creating charts within a thunkable app rubbing on iOS from a data set held within the app or in Airtable?

@actech when i open your app, i dont see any charts. you say it doesnt work on iOS so i tried to open on android and the app says that android is not supported at this time.

am i doing something wrong?

There are sample diagrams on the scrChart screen. Are they displayed on your device?

I had the 2018 version. i have the updated version now. thank you, i was clicking the wrong link before.

When i open it on iOS, it doesn’t work. Do you know if this will work ever on iOS?

Thank you for taking time to respond to this @actech

I do not think this will work.

@domhnallohanlon @jane

Do either of you know if this feature will work on iOS anytime? Should I throw this onto the requests/bugs page?

Hello @actech @domhnallohanlon and @jane along with the rest of the community!

This has been solved by using quickchart.io!

check out this sample app to demonstrate graphing from the localDB. this does require an internet connection!



Here is an update almost a year later.


this allows for both online and offline graphing! checker out! hit me up for questions!