Getting quick chart or google chart to thunkable

I’m need of a detailed guideline of how to get quickchart or google chart into thunkable.I have understood of how the charts are altered in JS…I have no clue of how to import that altered code to thunkable.
all i know is we should parse the JS data into object. But have no clue of which blocks to use and how.i have seen some thunkable community chats,but it was just for getting a part of the code by specifying it’s parameter.
Also i need to plot the chart automatically when the data in cloud changes, by pressing a refresh button in thunkable app, instead of locally assinging the chart values. I have created an api and have tried to getting the data.


Great question! check this out!

it is post 1 and 3 on my blog!

this one in particular has a video

And a quick video series



Can we make clickable chart on thunkable like same chart we are using on air table kind off.

If any idea please help