How do I add a chart to my app?

I am using the nee version of Thunkable and I want to add a chart to my app. I saw that in old version it is possible to add extensions to help with that, but how can I do it when using Thunkable X?

Please search the forums. I u e posted on this in the past. @actech has an example of charting in his demo apP. You’ll probably have to use

Hope that helps. If you run into troubles, let me know!

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Here is what my blocks look like for 6 different format line charts. Personally I use the post api from to make a shortened url that can be used to source a chart image. I then save that short url to airtable and it is then sent via a nicely formatted email using html with and

Here are some examples of graphs that you could produce but this is a seriosly limited selection compared to what’s available.