Graph Extensions in Thunkable X

I want to make a graph related app. For that I am unable to import extension. I am unable to see extension palette in Thunkable X. If somebody knows how to do this or if there is some alternative, guide me I will be very thankful.

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hi @ahmad-yar :wave:

Thanks for your question.

Take a look at this example to learn how to create graphs and charts in your app:


@ahmad-yar If you have any question, I have a bit of experience with quickchart and would be happy to help. Their admin team is also excellent and will also help whenever possible!

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I Jared,
I tried to send you a personnel message but didn’t found the way.
I Hhave some questions about quickchart. I would like to realize a chart with 2 data for only one label. Do you know how I could do that ?

This is the graph I would like to reproduce