[Solved] Chart API help needed

I am using the quickchart.io qr generator so that I may send an image of the qr code generated during chart creation so instead of sending a long comliacated URL, i send just the image.

I have been trying to use both their URL shortener and the QR generator for a week with no luck so i am turning here.
here is a link to the test app

you will see on screen 2, the URL for the webviewer has some actual chart configurations I am trying to shorten. That will give you an example of why i need this services so badly. I cant send that URL to anyone and have it easily direct them to anything.
Can anyone help me with this API POST call? Here is what i have done so far

and here is their documentation on the API POST

i think I am doing it right, but I would love a second pair of eyes. I have contacted the quickcharts admin and he let me know the service is working, just not for me due to the way I am forming the POST call :cry:

when it works, as shown by the site, the url looks like this
and produces a chart like this

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Hi Jared,

While I haven’t managed to make this work with just blocks yet, if you add the header Content-Type:application/json to the Web API component in the Design tab, you will be able to make a successful API POST.

We’re going to look into whether there is something affecting the performance of the ‘set Headers’ block.


Hi @Jane thank you for looking into this,

Could you share a link back with me showing that working? I did as you stated and took it out of the blocks and placed it into the design tab with no success. I get ‘failed to fetch’

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That’s the only thing I changed. This version of the app returns a URL for me: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/c79a7fa8082a7d27b0ebac4615f2f311

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Hey Jane! I got it figured out. For some reason, this works perfectly on my phone but not my browser.
Thank you soooooooo much. No more encoding URL’s for these dang charts!

giphy (11)


Looks good! Ok to mark this as “solved” so and we can add this to the web previewer to do list?



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