Thunkable X Graph

Hi there,

First time post on Thunkable, so bear with me.

I have played around with Thunkable X but need to graph values from Firebase…I`ve done this successfully in the classic thunkable with the ChartMaker extension, but not possible to use this in X.

So how can I graph in X? I`ve tried to read up on Google Charts API, but have no idea if this could work or how to implement it…and can it be run/housed from the app (in other words, no need for hosting or some PHP).

Any guidance/assistance will be appreciated…


See an example on the Chart screen in the project at

Do you use iOS? If so, you can see an example of work. If you are using Android, then in this case you will only be able to see the blocks for this example.

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more specifically, in the second ‘line’ data is set to a sttring of paired text x/y coordinates. can i set to two columns from my localDB. This way, everytime the user adds a new data point, the graph can update from within the app

i think i can create the list of cordinates like this for example 51 PM

how can i create a string of text from that one column in the localdb.

some more tinkering and i was able to do this.