Create an exersise like app same as Samsung health

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that’s same as Samsung health or any other apps .I’m still working on it…but first thing first, I’d like to add a chart.

Do you have a question?

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I’d like to add a chart and customize it too

So what have you tried so far?

Thanks for letting us know that you want to add a chart.That’s my specialty! Do you have something in mind already?

I do custom chart creation for Thunkable apps! Send me a DM for more info!

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sets:{health,run jogg}

Well, if it’s that simple, you shouldn’t need me. Please check out

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I want to show some results of the user, which means editing the chart

got what you meant @jared

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Nice work!

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But That doesn’t work on Android devices

Hi may i ask for the data that reflects on the map, is it live data?

yes. that shows where you are.