Adding Comment Feature to Spreadsheet or?

Hi everyone, I am almost done with my first quote app using airtable and was wondering how I can add a comment box to every quote shown so users can comment on each quotes.

Any help or guide will be appreciated.

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Do you want user comments to only be visible to the user who made it or do you want to save the comments to the spreadsheet?

Would love everyone to see each others comments so if possible to store in spreadsheet without limitation, then yes that is what I want to achieve.

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Ok, so you can have an AirTable Spreadsheet where the first row are all of your quotes, and the columns under every quote are comments.
I will point out that AirTable will only let you add 1,200 rows to a spreadsheet (so 1,199 comments) with a free account. If that’s enough for you, great! If not, you can check out their pricing plans here.

You can use blocks like the following to add a user’s comment from a Text Input to a Spreadsheet using a Button:

Then you can have some function that shows all of the user comments using the ‘Get Column’ block. You can see an example of using this block in the Spreadsheet docs.

Let me know if you have any questions about these blocks!

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Please… Could you also share the airtable screen for these codes.

I can save comments but have trouble viewing reviews