Feedback and rating system


I created an app and in this page we have a voting and feedback system…
So, if everyone rating, your rating will appear in this page… you can see all informations about the product and under this all people comment´s, but i just create this to see how would stay

My question is: how i put all people rating in this page? i am using the airtable to compute the votes, but i don’t know how to put all people rating…

Thanks for help


To understand better this page will be full scrollable
So if you scroll will show:

So i created 1… i need create all others? because this can be more 30+ ratings

That’s mean enable users to rating? (I’m sorry, idk that language

Yes… in the first image its a all users rating
In the second its the personal rating and all users can be see (if you enable this option) :slight_smile:

What exactly you can not do?

the 2 second image:

is a example what i need, i just do the first… its possible this rating appears automatically? the people will do the rating i will need only to approve… or not! xD

If I’m understanding you correctly, you are having trouble appending reviews to the screen.
If that is the case, you can create a template that is not visible beforehand and clone it for how many reviews you have.

Note: the “Reviewer”, “Opinion” and “Rating” components are all contained in “TemplateColumn”

Hey Renault_Luk
Just enjoying the topic, I would like the 1 comment that appeared to be just from the person who commented, the rest would be totally random, what is the best way to do this?

to test your way i just create other app just see the results and here are:

I put the template column invisible to not repeat… but maybe i can put this visible and he can show the comment from the person who commmented…

You should make a similar template for the review with the comments, just to make sure it stays on top and doesn’t get overwritten by other reviews.

(P.S. the Highlighted components are in the column with the comments)
(P.S. P.S. make sure you clone the other reviews as last in the screen or else the one with comments will be at the bottom!)

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Thanks for help guys…

see here my project:

I am having problem with the scroll… first time the scroll back every time to the top, now i can´t scroll and all clone are in all screen… what i need to do to scroll right?

What do you mean by scrolling? You have 6 cards on the screen. If you need to show the next 6 cards, then you need to display the next portion of data in the already existing cards.

Hey @renren66
following this topic How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component

Its possible clone all imagens from airtable too? the topic teaches to clone from one cell… but i need clone from allrows…
I create topic about this: Integration problem with airtable, repeating column and not showing images

If you post the anwser here i post in the last topic i created… :wink: