Viewing user data with data viewers

Hi. fellow Thunkers.
I am new to this community, having asked one question which was quickly solved thanks!
I have a new app which records user evaluations (using sliders).
I am suceesfully saving those evaluations to an Airtable database.
I want to provide the user with the ability to review their earlier evaluations, which are done daily…
My problem is not retrieving that data, but being able to present that data in a coherent manner (in the app) so that the user can see what their evaluations were progressively.
I am trying to customise my data view,
I want the categories on the screen left, with the progressive evaluations from the database to the right, with a scrollable screen in a timewise manner.
Any help would be much appreciated

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Welcome to Thunkable.

Your description is very general and will not be easy to answer. Please provide more information such as the structure of your Airtable table and the data that you want to be dispalyed and what have you done so far.


Thanks for your response. Again it is focused, thus helpful.

Part of this app requests users to evaluate 10 factors (biosecurity), on a scale of 0 to 5, using sliders.
This part is working fine, including AI when the evaluations reach certain thresholds, and we need to change the eval score.
At the end of the evaluations there is a “Save” button, which sends the data to one of our Airtable sheets.
That stuff works well.
These evaluations are conducted on a regular basis, so we build a database of evaluations, differentiated by date. Same fileds, maybe differing evaluations, certainly different dates/times.
My problem relates to another screen which is “My evaluations”. I want to be able to feed back to the user, the history/chronology of their evaluations.
So that means I need to be able to match the factor to the evaluation for all evaluation actions.
What structure should I use?
Should I have the factors/fields along the top, with the evaluations horizontally below?
Or work horizontally
Either way, how do I build a custom list/grid? I do not seem able to make it work.
Thanks for any help.

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I’m not sure how you would display a scrolling timeline of data but I did make this demo of a way to do it using a chart and next/prev date buttons:

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Thank you for this option.
You have led us to rethink the whole data flow model.
Instead of issues bringing back the data from Airtable and trying to format it, we are now looking at using the locally stored version of that data and creating a chart, just as you have done. The chart is only needed for the user.
And it will perhaps be more value to those users to see a graphic representation of their evaluations, with the capability of scrolling as you have created.

A weekend of experimentation follows!
Are you happy if we use your model and block structure?
The apps that will flow will be used for human and animal health, including covid 19.
Regards from New Zealand.

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Please feel free to use any part of the project I posted. I assume that anything I post as a demo is up for grabs!

I can tell you I don’t have a lot of experience with charts… that was the first time I’ve used them in Thunkable. You’ll definitely need to experiment.

Thanks for your help. Have already begun testing. Looks good. And thanks for the cusomisation. Some of your fields were accurate!

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