Display Airtable database as a table

I’m trying to make a schedule application for my campus faculty using airtable. but I don’t know how to display the database as a table content. for now, I only provide a read-only link to view the database

Masukkan Jadwal Ruang button is the button that the user uses to input the schedule, it will be saved in airtable database
Jadwal Ruang button is the button that will allow the user to view the schedule in the database as a table. this is where I don’t know how to do the block

can anyone help me? i’m sorry if my english is messy…

Try scrTableViewer, scrTextUtils for see table.


Small table can be created with Any components (see documentation)


btw I’m a beginner and I don’t really understand how the block in scrTextUtils and scrTableViewer works:pensive:

What is a table? Table - List Viewers or Labels are arranged adjacent to each other. Create Column with scrolling, add to it Row, add to Row a List Viewers. Get data from AirTable and add them to the List Viewers. But first, try to deal with the spanning more simple example below.


thank you! I began to understand
I’ll try to live test the block in scrtableviewer, but one more thing that I don’t understand: what each variable refers to?? I’ve been looking for it but still don’t understand it…

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