Airtable data visualization

hello all,

I have connected my thunkable with my airtable and now I just want to display the data.
I am using the new interface and I would like to display in a first screen the latest values of this table for a specific user. I would like to avoid to retrieve all values and then work on records like I saw in some tutorial in order to avoid performance issues.

screen 1 ;
a. 2.000
b. 8,00
c. 3.000
d. 7.000
e. 1.000

then on a screen 2 ideally I would like to have :

historical graph

date value
date value

I do not see how to make custom layout for data in the new interface.

thanks for your help

Hi @ezacae, this is definitely possible in Thunkable.

Do you have any sort of wireframe or mock-up so that we can get a better idea of what your Screen2 should ideally look like?


here the design

the blue color and red color are for values that are not in a good range red out of min / max value.
I was planning to “load” this table into a list and compare the value when I will get the data.

The data are for a specific user and I am using the username in airtable.

Last thing I am using the new interface.

thanks a lot for your help