Feature Request: Comment Block

I’d like to suggest that a comment block be added to Thunkable X. Here’s my mock-up:

A search of the forums shows that a comment block was requested in 2017. I hope we don’t have to wait 3 more years for this much-needed feature!

And yes, I am aware of the existing “add comment” feature in the contextual menu for each block. I’m glad it’s there but I find it lacking.

[Also posted as a feature request on GitHub at Comment block · Issue #690 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub]


I too was thinking that it would be necessary to add comments to the program

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actually you can add comment every block because system have a comment properties.

on the block and right click
click the “Ad Comment”

your change position comment just drop it.

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@bilastois Yes, I do use those comments but I find them not to be very helpful to me as an app developer. They are hidden by default and when I do display then, they end up floating far away from the original block which is a pain. They are also hard to grab – I have to really focus and slow down to grab and move them.

do you guys make comments like this?

that’s there when i close and come back to the apps block screen

@jared Sure, I could. But those comment windows (for lack of a better term) and function parameter windows mysteriously end up a full screen away from where they started. So I’ll re-open a project and the comment will have a long, long tail showing where I need to find it. It’s quite annoying.

And yeah, you made that comment window nice and big so I guess that could stay the same. I’d really like to be able to lock the comment into a particular place in the code rather than have it floating.

And possibly to have a larger font. I would use comments as notes but also as bookmarks of sorts where I could zoom out and quickly find a place among the blocks that I had designated.

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@jared Here’s an example of a comment I added, typed a few words into, and then left open right above the block where I created it. You can see that the comment “tail” goes way down below the blocks:

and here’s the end:

There’s no way that I placed that block there. It makes no sense. And it’s a pain to drag it back up over dozens of blocks to where it should be.

So I end up hiding ALL of my comments to prevent that from happening which makes them then useless because I can’t see any of them.

Curious if this problem is happening to anyone else?

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tatiang, the pop up for comment, Object Properties, Text Join, etc. often appear off the screen. And it makes me a little crazy.

I think this issue (along with many thunkable useability issues) arise from the fundamental assumption that Thunkable is a tool to introduce programming to novices. The UI is tuned to short lists, associated with simple apps. Although the business model is trying to extend the user base to commercial (ie PRO) apps, the UI needs of advanced app developer are very different from novices.

I have fantasies of Thunkable polling PRO (or near-PRO) users for use cases. Perhaps that will occur in the future. It seems to me Thunkable is currently focused on expanding their base of novice users. That make strategic sense to me. It reminds me of the 1980s (I am so old) when Apple gave schools Apple II computers to increase the user base. Maybe that will payoff, maybe not. But that seems to be where their effort is focused.

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Yep. I feel that pain. :sob:

I would like a tool similar to those in the Microsoft office products where you can drop a text box into place anywhere in the document you’re working on

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@drted I’m a child of the '80s, too. :slight_smile: That’s an interesting perspective. It pays to pay attention to the target audience. You may be right. Polling users sounds like a very good idea since that’s where the money comes from.

yes exactly what i said Annotation would be better in block page

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A multiline text block would be enough for me :slight_smile:
I will place everywhere in the code without conecting it to any blocks