[Solved] Creating comments or notes in the blocks section

Hi, has anyone found a smart way to create notes in the block (or am I the only one to lose the overview…?)
this is what I am doing:

any better ideas?

Right click on the block. Click add comment.

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very kind! thanks! :grinning:

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The intended possibility to add comments is not useful for me. Formatting and positioning will be lost again and again. Example in the picture: I create a comment and move it to the right so that it doesn’t hide anything important:

When I click into another block and come back it looks like this again:

This is my workaround until another solution is availabe: I created a variable with a striking and long name, which I always overwrite with my current comments. I use it only for clarity, not as a variable in the program :wink:

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We need a better comment feature. There needs to be an extendable or scrollable block with a large enough area for a few hundred words. And it needs to be a puzzle piece that fits in but is ignored during runtime.

I’ve been meaning to make a feature suggestion about this on the GitHub page.