A question about blocks

I am new to Thunable.
I just followed the tutorial in the Thunkable Academy and had a question about blocks.
In regular programming languages, you have the possibility to place comment lines or blocks, to remind you or make clear what a certain part of the program is doing.
Is something like this also possible in Thunkable?
Why I am thinking of this?
What If I have so many blocks for a screen and there is something I want to change, it would be handy if I have the option to place some kind of a remark/comment so I know what the block is for or what I was thinking when I created a section with blocks.
I hope my question is clear and that someone can help me or answer it.
Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

No, there is no specific comment block in thunkable.
But, you also know that in regular programming, we break our code in functions and files, assume files here as different screen, and on each screen you can make functions, now there are two options for you for function if you make function to do your work,
→ You can name your that best suite its task performed, so that you can easily know, what’s happening in that function
→ In function, you can also comment by clicking on question mark btn on your function block
I hope that this helps and answered your question

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Thanks for your reply.
I already had some idea that it was not possible.
But I will look into your last suggestion.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can right-click on a block and choose Add Comment:


Also, I made a suggestion for a comment block three years ago: Feature Request: Comment Block

I still think it would be very useful! If you agree, consider adding a comment to that topic.


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