Why isnt the community active

hi @staff
i wanna know this community was active too much a year ago and know it isn’t…
is there any reason

one is they go to mit or koduler without knowing thunkable’s advantages
also earlier there were 20 users actiive

I am wondering that too
I am a newbie who still is looking for the best mobile no-code platform
Adalo’s features are very limited
Appgyver’s UI are too complex for me but you can build a powerful app
Thunkable seems to be in the middle but kind of lacks an active community compared to adalo

I suppose it depends on your definition of “active.” Are there thousands of users chiming in with questions and advice? No. But the staff are constantly updating and improving the product (sure, there are bugs still and things that haven’t been fixed for a while). And the people who are here tend to contribute in pretty big ways to offer their knowledge and help out.

But it’s not going to be a community that works for everyone. It really depends what you’re looking for. I hope more people join!

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Same here… but I’m still, extremely happy with the kind of help I’m getting here.

@yosef.dc7 I think the community is very active, I always see people asking questions and the more people that want to join in, the better the community and the more features we will get through community input! :+1:

A community becomes quiet sometimes when the project makes a major turn (for the worse) or does something (for profit) that negatively affects some portion of their users.
Often with SAAS it’s the more technical users who want obscure features and the project targets their platform to only make more profit, or sells it off and it dies (e.g. if Micro$oft / Alphabet buys it).

I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen with Thunkable, but to be honest when this platform becomes very, very popular and gets to a point that it doesn’t need much “improvement” (it will always need improvement) or has it’s own paid ‘feature store’ which means even more profits-for-nothing, it probably will be sold off, and then killed by a larger company that do the same thing, for example; Bubble, or Amazon with their Honeycode project…

On that day I will be very sad, but I hope someone will ‘open source’ the rest of the code before it’s shutdown, and I believe some of it is open source anyway (various Google projects like code-blocks etc.).

But until then, Thunkable is very good, and although I prefer the older UI to the new one (the new one is kind of simple), it does what it does well, it’s got plenty of features at a reasonable price.

Also. It is worth it for the Pro version

…As long as they don’t have to increase the price by adding so many features they have to employ tons of new staff to deal with all that extra overhead, it will stay worth it.

“Slowly building decent working features, is better than dozens of half-working features and hundreds of customer complaints”

The app exports are kind of large, usually 30mb plus, but I think they might be working on that (hint hint :wink: )

IMHO, Full-on Apple and Google in-app payments will be something that takes Thunkable from the bench to being a serious contender in the app builder game. Then when the “feature store” comes, it will be even more of a heavyweight.


someone pls close this topic
this can create a mess in community

i feel it now active
atleast u have to do tiny coding here
thats wat i lluv about this platform