Thunkable not loved?

I’ve left thunkable about a year ago, I worked on a beautiful app, spent so much time on it.

But then bugs and limitations started hitting it, and me.

After one year I’ve come back and the only new thing I’ve seen is a questionable drag and drop feature and more non working features.

Is thunkable dieing?
Cause this is what I get, and would be very sad, cause if the components actually worked great apps could be made.

It’s a pity, please, let me know if I’m wasting my time again.

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I don’t see Thunkable as dying. The staff are pretty responsive to feature requests and bug reports. Sure, things don’t always get fixed as quickly as we might like. That’s true of most tools with staff this size. The old forum software had a “who’s online” feature that was nice because we could see how many people were currently browsing the forums but this new one doesn’t so it’s a little hard to know.

For me, the drag-and-drop interface is a bit in limbo. It has some really nice improvements but doesn’t quite have all of the features I need. But I just published an app using the legacy interface and it had everything I needed. The layout is just more time-consuming.

I think for new users, the documentation often has the legacy interface in descriptions and screenshots so once that’s updated, it will feel more connected to the new product.

I guess it depends what bugs and limitations you were finding and whether or not they have been fixed.