Why has new iOS build got same build number as a previous build?

I created an iOS build at 00:11 and the App Store returned a successful build for Build 30.
A screen is hanging, so I move blocks on that screen out of a control block and back in again. For Android, this will trigger a new Build number when I create an apk.
I then created a new iOS build some time after 00:11, probably around 00:30.
At 00:38, I received an email from the App Store to say that Build 30 had completed successfully. Why had the build number not updated?
When I check in the project, it shows that the Build number is now at 34 so why don’t I see Build 33 on the App Store? (I haven’t created any new Android builds since Build 29.

Hello @finbarr.mccarthytl32!
Even though you received an email that your app was successfully pushed to the App Store, you probably need to wait for some more minutes to see your project.
Let us know if you still are not able to find your build.

Build 33 never showed.

I rebuilt it again this morning and it the correct version appeared.

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