SOLVED: You need to increment the iOS build number in the App Settings page or during the iOS publish process

Gents, I am trying to publish my app to the iOS app store and have been getting this message all morning:

You need to increment the iOS build number in the App Settings page or during the iOS publish process.

The problem is that since a few months now, we can’t change the build number manually as this is done automatically. Can anyone from the Thunkable team check if the build number generator is working properly or at least give us back the option to set the build number ourselves?


Hey @Deluxe

I can see that error on our end too.

Did you update this setting?

Ok I just figured out what happened and it is good information to share with all:

So far I have been sending various build versions of my app’s Version 1 to the iOS app store but without ever submitting any of them for approval. This allowed me to use Version 1 for all of the various build versions I have been sending to Apple for testing through Test Flight.

This morning I got my app approved for release for the first time and that was Version 1. What seems to happen is that the moment Version 1 gets approved and ready for release, the App Store locks out any further submissions of Version 1 through Thunkable even if the build is different. So my option was to either cancel the release of Version 1 or increment the Version number to 2 in Thunkable. I went for the first option as I was not happy with Version 1 and canceled its release through the Dev console.That allowed me to once again send an new Build of Version 1 to the app store for further Test Flight testing and maybe that will also be the one I will now submit for review.

What is confusing is the error message I received from Thunkable; it mentioned that the Build number was wrong and that it needed to be incremented but in this scenario, it was the Version number that needed to be incremented. I think that this scenario should be taken into consideration and either update the error message sent by email to also mention that it could be that the Version number needs to be incremented (and not the build number since we can’t increment that manually anyway).

I hope this feedback helpls. @domhnallohanlon feel free to PM me if you would like any additional info.


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Thanks @Deluxe - just to update you on this. We’ve now updated the messaging that gets emailed out if this error occurs so users will know it’s related to the version number and not the build number.

cc. @jane