iOS building problem

hello there, I just click the build iOS app button 4 hours ago, and no email was sent to me. After a while, I figure out that the icon has to be upload in assets too, so I did it.
But it says the app is still building. What causes this?

Hi @label1.visible-true, I had the same problem yesterday: I clicked on “Download iOS app”, which takes normally no longer than 20…30 minutes to build. After several hours with no reply I clicked on “Download…” again which gave me an error “You are not allowed to download more than one app. Your app is being build”. I wrote an email to thunkable support, with a nice but useless reply. This morning the download finally came. Today the time for a fresh iOS download is back to normal. I don’t know if the support had fixed anything, my feeling is, that there must have been a lock or a compiling error which I am not able to solve.

My recommendation: speak with the support.

Hello. 1 app you are building on a beta is only downloaded once a day on your phone. IOS or Adroi also. If project 1 you have downloaded on your phone successfully, when you create project 2 and want to download on phone, consider your project 1 on the phone will be lost.

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