Problem w iOS app downloading

I have downloaded the iOS app and after 6 hours haven´t received the link/ email and the message when trying to downloading again was “… just one Thunkable app at a time”. Now it says “App Download ERROR : You´re only allowed to build one app at a time”.

What can I do to get my app?

Hey @comunidad.pyme85fj

Sometimes the iOS downloading method takes a while. While you can only download it once, it’s surely compiling and being sent to your email. Once that email is sent, the request is fulfilled and you can ask to download it again.

In my personal experience, it takes a while but it is definitely worth it. I hope you can test your app soon! Meanwhile, the live test is really handy for debugging your app!


have you updated to the latest version of the companion app? I have been using this on iOS 13 all night.