App Download Error: You're only allowed to build one app at a time

When trying to “download iOS app,” I get the following error message:

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.15.44 PM

I haven’t downloaded anything in at least 24 hours.

Clearing the browser cache doesn’t help.

I got this yesterday! It eventually stopped happening after I switched to my iPhone browser. As a note. I use chrome on a MacBook.

Hi @tatiang and @jared

Can you both please talk me through the steps to reproduce this error please?

i.e. which type of app were you trying to download and how many times did you click the download button?


Sure. And thanks for the quick response, @domhnallohanlon. I was trying to download this project: It’s not mine but I clicked the link to view it, then clicked Download from the toolbar, then clicked Download iOS App, and then (after typing in my email address), clicked Send.

I did this once. And then the error appeared. I have not received any notification via email.

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I finished quite a few changes on my main app in chrome. I click download and was getting the error @tatiang mentioned. I just did the same on my phone but had no issue.

The issue was only intermittent yesterday and this morning and I couldn’t pick up on any discernible pattern of code/my own behavior that was producing the error.

Oddly enough, the project I linked to above does not show up in my area.

That’s because it’s @davidsobhysabetb’s project :joy:

@domhnallohanlon Well but every other project I’ve ever previewed gets auto-added to my list of projects as if I’ve remixed it. I have about 15 projects cluttering up my projects page because of it. This has happened since a recent update maybe a week or two ago.

Is that not supposed to be how things work?