Cannot download app

i try many times,cannot receive the app download link?

Hi @MiuMiu -

I just checked our system and it says the app was emailed to you. Can you check your spam folder?


Hi Thunkers,

It looks like we had a bug on our end – we pushed out a fix but please let us know if it’s working again.

Appreciate your patience!

Albert @ Thunkable

thank you,i download four times just now,but still cannot receive…

Sorry about that – we are checking into it.

Albert @ Thunkable

Hello Albert,

I could not download my app.
I keep getting an error ( Oops something went wrong downloading your app)

I mean the download link…

Hi there. Are you getting the Oops email or are you getting a success email and the link is not working?

Albert @ Thunkable

I am getting the oops mail… i Have to preses a lot of time before i get No oops mail. I got 15 mails and two if them had a congratulation and the download link
Thanks in regard

OK. Looks like something strange might be happening – we’ll try to take a look into your account as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience -

Have you seen the troubleshooting for Download on iOS? The link is below in case you haven’t

Thanks, but i have already seen the link.

Hi there. It appeared that we had a build server that was down – we pushed out a fix which may hopefully solve your problem.

Can you please try again?


Ok thanks!
I will give it another try.


I’m just tryng to use iOS version (porting a Thunkable Android App) but I cannot download the app. I fill in all the fields in “Properties”, click on “Download”, fill the “email” field but I don’t receive any email. What’s wrong?

BTW, why Thunkable user interface for iOS is so different than Android one? May be if we could use the same approach it will be better, isn’t it.

hi @giorgiospugnesi -

there is a problem right now that @wei and @mike are working through. It should be fixed soon.

As to your second questions, the iOS interface is built with to give a more modern updated and fresh look with the ability to make larger apps. The goal in the coming months is to make cross platform. We are working on it currently.

@giorgiospugnesi, @wei and myself are working on a fix that we expect to deploy by end of day tomorrow. A workaround is to only include one file in the files tab of your project for now.

@giorgiospugnesi @Dinto @MiuMiu we just deployed some fixes and download & publish should be working a lot better now. Thanks for letting us know you were having issues and please report back on this thread if you still can’t download or publish.


Thank you guys!

I just download the app, follow instructions and install it on iPad. App starts but I see a blank screen: no component nor images are shown. Why? (it’a a simple app with 2 listwiewer, a button and an image as logo).