The iOS download doesn't work (email is not received)


When I try to share my APP, I downloaded the android the android APP without problem, but when I asked for IOS APP, the system ask me for a email but never received the email, I have been waiting for it about 20 hours,…

And additional question, How could I have support from Thunkable team?.



I do not recibe the email, I do not know what is grong, te system tells me tha in short time I will recibe an email, but I do not recive anything.

I apreciate your help.


Hi @ubaldo.chantaca6

I’ve moved this to a new topic for you, since it wasn’t related to the previous posts.

What time did you submit your build request? (Actually, how long have you been waiting?)

Can you search your email for messages from to make sure that this hasn’t skipped your inbox?


More tha 4 days,… in all my APP’s

I have been made several attempts with different APP (complex APP’s and easy APP’s) a couple of different email addresses,… and its is the same result, without response.

I’ve had a look on our system for build logs with your community email address.

Can you PM me some of the other addresses you’ve used so I can check those for you too?

Sure, really fix this issue has a hight priority to my, the email that I’m sure are [removed by admin]

@ubaldo.chantaca6 it’s really not a good idea to post your emails publicly like this.

As a courtesy, I have redacted them for your own privacy and security.

ok so: received an email from hello(at]thunkable[dot)com 14 hours ago with your built project.

additionally, also received a link 5 hours ago for an app called e-POD

Please search your inbox for your download links.


I revived the email yesterday in the email address ub…

But, What was the problem,… in order to know the procedure?.

thank you

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@ubaldo.chantaca6 no problem at all.

I have a more detailed explanation here: