[Solved] Did not Received email for my app's apk

I am trying to download my app’s apk from 14 hours but did not Receive any mail. I tried entering different email id but still not Received yet. I searched the community but one of it is for ios and other I was not able to understand. So created a topic.
Thanks :blush:

Can’t see any log of this on my side either @shivendrasontakke008 - are there any typos in your email address?

Do you see a pop up saying your app is on its way?

Nope there are no typos @domhnallohanlon … And yes it says you app is on it’s way estimated time:20 minutes

@domhnallohanlon I tried to download an .apk from my project about 30 minutes ago and the pop up said it would take about 20 minutes. But nothing showed up in my email.

I then tried to download it for iOS and it showed up in my email as expected after just a short while.


But I want for android… What to do?

Well, we now have a sample size of 2 people who are having issues downloading projects as .apks. It would be helpful to hear if other people are also experiencing this issue.

There aren’t any build server outages reported today: https://status.thunkable.com.

So we may have to wait to hear back from Thunkable staff to see if they can fix the problem.

Have you tried downloading the same project again later in the day?

Have you tried downloading a different project?

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I tried downloading 4-5 times yesterday and 2 times today still same issue @tatiang .
I tried different projects but still same issue.
I tried duplicating the project but still no mail received.
But when will this fix… I hope before 11 because on 11 my thunkable pro membership is going to end. And i am not gonna renew it again(thanks to your high price)…

I’m sorry you’re having this problem downloading your project but just so you’re aware, I don’t work for Thunkable. I’m a user/developer just like you and I often help others on the forums.


Ohh ok

This has now happened to me today with apk and iOS downloads. A few have worked but several have not (no email generated although a time estimate was displayed).

So what can we do now? @tatiang & @domhnallohanlon @muneer @catsarisky @cassandra @jane @wei @thunkable I tried from different accounts but no email…
probably some major problem in app build from thunkable…
thunkable pls fix this issue… it is urgent

I tried again this morning and the iOS download (which had NOT been working last night several times) worked. But the apk download did not… no email was generated.

I have same issue since yesterday.

@ccm-systems So it is confirmed that there is issue in thunkable’s build servers not in my account. I hope thunkable fixes this soon. Yet no one from thunkable’s staff is replying.

@tatiang I tried downloading for ios but did not receive any mail. Same goes to android aswell :frowning:

I’m jumping in here. I’ve noticed the same thing trying to download Android apk and aab. It’s been a couple hours and still waiting… :slightly_frowning_face:

I am getting my iOS build email.
But I am still waiting for my Android build email.


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Did you guys check the spam folder?



Thank you Wei - it’s in the Spam folder! - Chris

Really thank you it was in spam folder