Project download error

When i download the project for android to test and debug
It is showing in a queues you will get the mail.
I repeat it many times but no response
I didn’t get any Mail for downloading the apk file of project.
This error happened with me from today .
Yesterday it is working correctly.
Please help

well, you can only wait at this moment.


Check whether you Are able to download any project apk file in mail .
Please can you do this simple faver for me .

The same thing happens to me, I’ve been waiting for my apk for more than 4 hours :frowning: :frowning:

Me tooo .
Anyone know the background details regarding it please let me know.

Have you Guys checked the spam folder?

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You can’t do this - once a project has been sent to be built then you get a pop-up telling you that you can only build one app at a time.

We recommend that you only build an app when you are ready to publish/update an app. How often are you building you project? Can you use web preview or the live testing app?

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Yes ! All the rest things are working properly but the download the project is not building the apk file and i didn’t receive any mail to download it

But this is just happening on one particular project, right?

(You mentioned downloading other projects above)

Were you able to get the copy of your project to install?

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No it is happening with my all of the project.


Maybe you should try looking in the Updates section in your mail.

I usually get it there.
Let us know if it works.



No !
But i tried again in the morning and now it work for me thanks all of you .
Keep supporting.

Thanks :+1:

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