[SOLVED] I did not receive the download email

So I made an app, downloaded it on both ios and android (I wanted to test both out and share with my friends), but didn’t receive the download link after few hours. The estimated time was 20 and 40 minutes.
I just realized that I did not add an app name and icon, is that the reason? If so, how do I solve it? (I don’t have thunkable pro so 2 downloads are the limit) Or will I get the email soon? Thank you.

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First check your email spam or junk folder is it might have landed there.

Nope, I’ve checked all of them but there’s nothing.

Have you tried downloading the .apk again?

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I just tried a sample app and the email arrived but in spam folder although I flagged it as not spam.

Thank you everyone, I copied the thing to another browser and it worked.

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