iOS download times too long

I was building an app with Thunkable X and it was going well. When I went to download it for iOS, it said it was in the queue. However, it has been around 11 hours since then and it has still not built. I have used thunkable before, and the speeds were pretty fast (20-30 minutes) so this seems more like a glitch than heavy load. I can’t even restart the download because “you can only download one thunkable app at a time”. If anyone could help that would be great.

Thanks, Ishan

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Hey @UltraIronManIK, thanks for getting in touch.

This was due to very high usage of the platform when causes a backlog of iOS builds for our Free users (PRO subscribers were not affected)

We’ve made some updates and cleared out the backlog so this shouldn’t be an issue for the foreseeable.

Can you try building again and you should receive your download link promptly.


the issue still continues…though android has become pretty fast