iOS compiling taking forever

Hi, I tried to build an app on iOS and the building is seemingly taking far longer than normal. The app is able to be built successfully for Android within a few seconds, so it should not be any error in the code that’s causing it. I have successfully built previous versions of the same app on iOS before, in 30min to 2hrs. However this time the building is taking more than 12hours and still not done. When I try to build again, Thunkable says the app is already building. Can anyone help with this? I urgently need it today and can’t let it just go on forever.
I’m sorry that I can’t share the project openly as it contains confidential information. However if any Thunkale staff requests for it I can send the link over privately.

@aliencaocao That happen with me too… I’m waiting for 12h already… I hope @thunkable225 help us.

the guy you tagged isnt Thunkable staff HAHA but anyways glad to see im not the only one…at least that proves I made no mistake in the codes.
Hope it will be fixed soon.
@albert @Mark

Update: I just got an email from Thunkable saying the compilation is successful…and when I open the attached link, it says it’s already expired…

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