Download iOS app takes lot of time

hi guys,
the iOS download procedure is very slow … is it for heavy traffic?

it’s normal, you have to wait because compiling the app for iphone is not like compiling an app for android.

Yep. The iOS downloads take longer to build for sure!

Are you having to download often? One thing I’ve done is put an android emulator on my computer so if I want to test a build I can install it to the emulator quickly. Then if it looks/works good, I request the iOS download to test on my phone.

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hi all,
well i’m not downloading it every hours but i requested it at 9 AM and … still waiting.

Maybe try again? That is a linty time to wait. Make sure you enter the right email too (I entered the wrong email one day, three times in a row. I was convinced the system wasn’t working)

ahahah i did it too! the download email just arrived :slight_smile:
In the meantime i did many little changes and i will try to ask another download to see if there will be another long wait!

unfortunately i’m experiencing the same problem with Android… I reqeusted many hours ago and now Server busy… :frowning: pity i was succesfully porting my app from ios to android

i’m experiencing the same thing with thunkablex i’ve been waiting for 4 hours. is thunkable closing down?