Unable to download iOS app. Build servers busy

When I try to download the app I made for ios I get a message saying the ios build servers are busy. Any fixes? Or do I just keep waiting until they are not busy?


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If you get a message that the servers are busy, I recommend waiting 5-10 minutes and then trying again, the servers seem to be extra busy today as I had that happen to me with my Android app this morning.

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I am facing same issue.I am trying to download it many times.still I am facing this issue

I tried this option many times.Still it is not working.

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The thunkable servers seem to be a bit busy today so you can try downloading the iOS app bit later.

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I have read that lots of people are experiencing crashes (apps not opening, or opening a second and closing again). I have had this problem and now it seems that getting a build done at all is impossible without going pro. I’m not a pro and just can’t afford the pro level privileges.

Is there any chance the build process could be improved for people who are just learning, and not earning?

Hey @penny -

It’s definitely not impossible, but if you are trying to build at a busy time then you might see the following message;

Just wondering how often you are trying to download your app?

Hi Dom,

How many downloads am I allowed? I probably attempt a download every day or two days. Is that more than expected?


i got the same message

@penny there’s no limit on the number of downloads, but when you’re making small changes we strongly advise users to use Live Testing.

Unfortunately we’ve seen some users recently Downloading in the way that Live Testing is intended to be used, so they might be building their iOS 15 or 20 times in a 3 or 4 hour period.

This sort of behaviour just slows things down for everyone so that’s one of the reasons why people are seeing the “busy” message more often at the moment.

Couldn’t that excessive build rate be symptomatic of the the bugs in the new Thunkable updates though? Over recent days I did build a few more times than I normally would because the outcome was not functioning, and therefore appeared to me to be my own failing…thus rejig the blocks and try again. There must be quite a number of Thunkers out there who have not even read these posts and don’t understand what is suddenly going wrong with the apps they are working on. I have no idea if it’s possible but if the current version on Thunkable is not functioning, could it go to auto-revert to earlier stable version until the team fix the latest update?

That’s a fair assumption, but in this case that behaviour pre-dates the platform upgrade.

Yep, 99 times out of 100 that would be the normal course of action. This just happened to the the 1 time when a roll back couldn’t be done.

Thanks for bearing with us while we got everything fixed.

Hi Dom, what would u say is a good time to build? Ive been at it all morning trying to get my beta out, nothing

Then why don’t you just limit one download per hour, and that’s it… :slight_smile: