iOS build time length

Is there a way to speed up iOS build time? I get email notifications with almost a twelve hour lag. It makes bug fixing a very slow process (fix one bug, wait another twelve hours).

I love the development environment, not trying to sound negative.

I have not received a email since 2 hours now. It would be nice to have a indicator, how busy the server is, then I could spend my time on other things (working only in live mode, or working on my android version of the app)
cheers User81


Thanks for flagging this for us. It seems like there was some slowness being caused by lots of folks trying to build apps around the same time. We resolved this so it should be much faster (minutes, not hours) and not happen again.



HI there can you help i have done all the steps and when i press the publish and enter the apple id credential it says wait for an email but nothing shows up.

I have already an App published in my itunes and add the new app to use with thunkable but 24 hr passed and still no build is showing up and no indications to where the probelm might be