Publish iOS still in queue after 20 hours

Does anyone know why this is taking so long?

Thats pretty normal, i have waited a week for apple to publish on the store.

Thanks for the reply. I meant for Thunkable to publish/build. Thunkable hasn’t sent it to the app store yet and I haven’t gotten any notices about any problems.

from thunkable also it takes a week as per me

only 34 hrs
and then got it
always wait patiently u will get it
keep thunking & @eko.devs.apploroceo thanks for the info.
Last time I did it about a month ago it only took a few hours, hence my post.
After my app has been sent successfully to App Store Connect I’ll post how long it took and mark this solved.


I received a message from Thunkable about 56 hours after submitting my app to them saying that I didn’t increment the iOS version number correctly. I resubmitted it and was told it would take about 40 minutes to build and it only took 30 minutes. All set - thanks