How long does it take to publish an app in Appstore

Hi, I received the approval of publishing the app in Appstore.
The publication was successful, and I see a message confirming this.
3 days have passed, but in Appstore a new build has not yet appeared

How long does it take?

Hi @STX-121, thanks for your question.

On Apple’s site it says that 90% of their apps are reviewed within 48 hours.

In my experience, if it’s you first time uploading an app then the approval process may take a little longer.

What sort of app have you built?

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I published an update for an existing application, now it contains an admob banner

Ah yes - I remember reviewing this one! :joy:

Glad to hear this is working for you now.

Have you considered promoting your app in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd

Yes, this is a very good idea!
But I’m still waiting for the app to be delivered to Apple. For the fifth day already…
Tell me please, is there any way to know whether it was at all whether the application is delivered to Apple?

Hi @STX-121,

You should receive an email from us when your app is sent.

Can you do a search in your inbox for mail from

No, no emails were received from this address.
I just re-sent the application to the publication

Can you PM me your project link please and I’ll see if someone can take a look at it.