Quando tempo ci vuole per pubblicare su play store? | How long does it take to publish on the play store?

Ho caricato il file su play store quanto tempo ci vuole che mi pubblicano la mia app?

[google translated]
I uploaded the file to the play store how long does it take for my app to be published?

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You might get more help if you translate your post into English.


When I published for the first time my app, it took around 4 days… The time decreased with every update I made. After several updates, now it takes around 2 hours (I guess I became a trusted person :rofl:)


even with the App store it takes 5 days?

Can’t tell, as I never published on iOS

Just a comment here, the first time I publish to iOS 3 years ago it took about eight days for the initial review. I have no clue why and I was never given a reason as to why. I had emailed Apple after day five they responded on day eight. No reason provided for the delay. It approval for the app that I had submitted was given

i can’t publish an app on the app store i always get the error thunkable email

What does the email say? Can you share the text here?

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