How is this Happening?!

Hey all,
Can someone tell me how can this happen with me?
I have sent my app for Play store approval yesterday. Today, i see 3 downloads from US! My app is not published yet, so how can someone download my app?

I was wondering if it is the Google Team, who is testing my app :thinking:

Please Reply,

Check your Play Console, some apps do not require much time to review by the team.
So, your app would’ve reviewed quickly, and rolled out.

Thanks! :smiley_cat:


Hi @tobi,

how are you sure your app is not published? What does the app status say? if it says “Production” that means it is already available on the app store. I agree with @kartik14 that the app review time is quite fast, and after that they do not need your permission to release.

As someone who has also published Google Play apps, I have never had my app downloaded right after release without sending them to someone. So your three downloads are probably not from the Google Team.


Hey @kartik14,
I have checked my Console properly, It says Processing Update.
It also do not show any link like view on Play Store.

:fearful: :fearful: Is this statement scary?

Same as mine. But i will only share, when i have any Link. I checked console properly, It is definitely not live on play store

… not sure. Can you send a screenshot of your app info?

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Just a min.

Like this -:

or this

Update? Are you updating an existing app?

The most likely answer is usually the correct answer! :smile:

I don’t see why it would be? The whole point of publishing to the Play Store is so that as many people as possible can download it.

Point to be scary is that My app is not published yet. So how can someone install my app?

No, It is not an Update