Is publishing to Google Play ready?

I know the obvious answer is no. (because a publish to Google Play button isn’t there) but when will we have the ability to publish to Google Play? Because since the icon for the app has been fixed as well as the name (before it wouldn’t install if the Thunkable companion app was installed, then the app icon was just the default droid and then some other issues) and it almost looks ready to publish to Google Play but since there’s no version number setting it might have some issues with Developer Console, and what do we do with Google Play (I’ve said that a lot ik,) App Signing?

I hope the developers at Thunkable release this function soon

Hi there. It shouldn’t be long. Our good friend @mike is working hard to make this available – just a couple more steps I believe.

We’re looking forward to seeing your apps on the Play Store.


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