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Hello dears,
• Can we publish the app on Google Play after building it on Thunkable x?
• What is the package name will be?
• We do need Activity Starter in Thunkable x.
I’m trying to build a library and I do need activity starter.

Yes. Thunkable only provides apple app store, not play store.

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Are you sure? I’m asking about Thunkable x, it is for Android and iOS.

Export your android app, then upload it to Google Play and you will know. Its as easy as it sounds

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Yes it is.

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I really couldn’t think of that! You’re great!

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How a bout the keystore required? How can we get that form Thunkable X?

I needed (and found) that for Thunakble (Android) for another app - but that development environment (similar to App Inventor 2) supports export of the keystore.

Hi there. The package name is what is called the “Bundle ID” in app settings and you can set it to whatever you want.

And there is Activity Starter directly in blocks

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Also we are still working on enabling Publish – a few more steps to go. Appreciate your patience in advance.