Can I upload a Thunkable app to the Play Store?

Can I upload thunkables application on play store?Or it,s has any issue with play store account

hi @chandanjijiod9 - welcome to the Thunkable community.

It seems like there are lots of users having difficulties with their topic titles today. Would be interested to know how we can make the titling process easier to understand?

I’ve rewritten your topic title and moved it to #thunkable-cross since #ShareYourApps is for people who want to share their project files with the community.

In order to get the most from your community experience I’d recommend that you read the #communityguidelines and to always search before creating new topics.

You can learn how to publish your .apk file to the Play store by following these instructions:

And you can learn how to send your Thunkable project to the App Store by following along with this tutorial: