[Solved] How long do I need to wait for admob approval?

“Publish iOS” “Publish Android” has been reviewed by thinkable, how long will it take?
Since more than 10 days have already passed, I would like to know a guideline.

Hey @itsquo.infoqzjaw - I updated the title of your post based on what I think you’re asking.

Are you just waiting on your app to be reviewed for AdMob approval?

I approved at least 1 of your apps yesterday and another last week.

Can you pls recheck your email inbox or try to download your apps again. They’re approved on our end.

[Update] I accidentally marked your most recent app approved without changing its settings. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!

Please let me know if you’re still having issues downloading now! :slight_smile:

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that’s right! However, when Jared replied and confirmed it, it was approved! thank you!


Thank you for your reply! I couldn’t confirm the reply to the email yet, but the project confirmed the approval! thank you!

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