Thunkable admob waiting

How long does it take for thunkable to approve admob? Been one week already

Hi @harpula.tf1zbwk, apologies for the delay. We are currently working on getting to AdMob submissions within 2-5 business days but this can sometimes take longer. I am the only one approving them on Thunkable’s end currently. I will get to approving them ASAP.


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Hi @conroy33 thank you for all you do. I too submitted my thunkable app to be approved to publish.

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I am still waiting and no approval or any updates to my application.

Any updates?

@harpula.tf1zbwk Please check your AdMob dashboard. You will need to accept our invite first (we sent an email a few weeks ago inviting you to join) before we can approve your apps.

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It is not appearing in my admob console. please try sending another invite.
would the email be from thunkable? i have no new emails from you guys

@harpula.tf1zbwk The email would be from If you do not see the email or the invite in your console, can you send me a DM with your Publisher ID?

@conroy33 pub-5934340528410849

Yep, that is the ID that we sent the invite to. Can you check your AdMob console again? The invite should be there as soon as you click on the Home tab.

Ok, I accepted. It is still saying I need to be approved on thunkable.

@conroy33 Hi, it is still saying that I need to be accepted for admob on thunkable. Can you please help? I accepted the admob website invite.

Hi @harpula.tf1zbwk, thank you for accepting the AdMob invite and following up here. However, the app you submitted contains no ads, and therefore doesn’t need to be submitted for AdMob review. Feel free to go ahead and download or publish your app.

@conroy33 Hi, here is my app… it is saying i need to be accepted.

Hi @harpula.tf1zbwk, thanks for following up. We are unable to approve or reject admob submissions on demand through here. You will need to resubmit your app for review through our submission form linked below. We will then be able to review your app within 2-5 business days at the most. Thank you!

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