adMob review question

I have made an app that has taken me a lot of time and I have added admob in it. I submitted the review form several days ago and have not received any response and I am awaiting it to post in store. Any help on how long it takes or what has happened with the review? It’s a bit annoying to pay for Pro and have things go slowly without delay notice emails or other information.


Hi @ooyamaneko, thanks for joining our community! When you fill out your original form for AdMob submission, we explicitly state that:

“Depending on the type of app you are submitting a full review might take anywhere from 2 - 5 working days. We will contact you by email if we have any additional questions about your app”

This would include accepting our invitation to join AdMob, if this is your first time submitting an app, and that can also add time to the process.

Thanks for your patience, I’m sure you’ll be hearing back from us soon.



Thanks for your answer. I haven’t received the invitation to join admob yet, I guess it’s approval related. I will wait a little longer for the approval since it is the first time that I apply and, as you say, the process will surely take a little longer.

Again, thanks for the reply.

@ooyamaneko If you want to DM me the email you used when you signed up, I can take a look. We have sent out invites to everyone who has registered with us as of earlier today. I would also suggest checking your spam folder just in case it went to there.

Thank you!

I have received the invitation email (it was in spam, thanks), but it does not appear in my AdMob account, I have sent a response to the email to try to solve it.

@ooyamaneko Please try again in your AdMob console, it should be there now. Thank you!

This time the notice was in AdMob. I have already approved it. Thanks for the support. Is it necessary to contact by email confirming acceptance or is it not necessary? Thanks for the help and waiting for the approval of the application :slight_smile: .

@ooyamaneko There is no need to let us know once you’ve accepted your invite. We should be getting to reviewing your app shortly and will let know if it’s been approved or if changes are needed.

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Perfect, thank you very much.

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