How long does admob approval take?

How long does it take to approve my application?
I’ve been waiting for a week and no response: /

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Hey there! Sorry for the delays, I’ve just responded via email!

Thanks for keeping me accountable here! :slight_smile:

I send in am application last week i cant remember do i get an acknowledgment ? i dont know if i submit correctly

I’ll check this morning!


Everyone who has accepted admob partnership with Thunkable has either been approved or asked to resubmit their apps in a more acceptable state. Others have received an email asking them to accept admob approval.

Not sure which group anyone here in particular falls into but that’s the state of AdMob this morning @ Thunkable.

If you haven’t received an approval email, please check for an email to accept the partnership. If you don’t see that in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


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ok so once aspect invitation how long till able to download or be able to publish

Also once approved do you have to uncheck test mode before publishing APP?

Look for it by tomorrow @12 EST

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