Approval for ad-mob timeline via thunkable, it's been over 48 hours?

Hello people of thunkable. I am a pro member of thunkable and I have made an app which I put admob ads in and submitted it for approval via thunkable’s form ( It all seemed very intuitive.
Shortly after I accepted the management agreement in my admob account for thunkable to manage it and get 5%.
That was about 3 days ago and I read that the approval process should take 48 hours…but as of now, I still cannot download my app to get it posted on the app store/play store. When I try to, it says for me to submit my app for review via the form. But I already did.
Is there anything I am forgetting to do?

P.S. It’s completely OK if thunkable is just taking some extra time to review my app. However, I want to be sure I completed my side of the work (this app is part of a larger project that I have had to put on hold due to waiting for Thunkable’s approval, and it is costing me lost time and money each I wait, which is no big deal, I just need to understand the process and timeline better).

I have asked thunkable’s support chat, and it says they typically respond within 2 hours, but I have never gotten a response from them.

Thanks for any advice from those who may have gone through this process and can reassure I’ve done everything or not.

Thank you all.

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