[Solved] Curious about how long will it take to get AdMob reviewed?

Hello to all thunkers. I am just doing a general inquiry as of to how much longer will it take before i get my app reviewed.
I took a break from working on it to make sure i wouldn’t interfere. I plan to finish working on it, and it’s been 3 days at least, so my question is… 1. is it safe to keep working on it?, and 2. How will i know if i i’ve been reviewed yet?

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Hey @animensmoke :wave:

I’m a little puzzled why you’re reaching our here?

Our AdMob team emailed you at 10am on Tuesday and you still haven’t responded yet.

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 16.57.26

Please search your email for messages from admob-support@thunkable.com

Also, just FYI, this is the address you should use for all AdMob related correspondence.


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Thank you… in fact i did not notice it. I saw that the email said to accept it, but i just realized where i was accepting it. I thought at first they meant accepting the terms that i accepted when doing the review request.

And thank you for the email correspondence.

Just in answer to your original questions, yes, absolutely! :+1:

You can definitely continue working on and testing your app. Approval is only needed to download your app.

We’ll email you each time the status of your application changes!

Thanks again for your questions!

How long does it actually take to review an app?

Typically 48 hours, but it may be longer depending on the nature of the app.

Just looking at our system, your app was reviewed on 29th May @goodrsgood


I have made countless posts I have contacted support I have email at hello Thunkable I have email in pro support but I just don’t understand why is no one replying my issue is simple I have AdMob I sent my app for approval just approve it that’s it but this issue is being stalled on from last month

@farhanlatif027i3df due to the nature of your app, it needs to go through additional screening.

Thank you for your patience!


My app is a basic social media app it does not sell gift cards or anything it rewards point when ad is watched my app has already been approved by App Store and I know you checked out my privacy policy I do mention AdMob in it I’m keeping all the rules in check. Thanks

Still no approval even thou the time mentioned on form was 24-48 hours

We’ve discussed this already Jordan - your app needs to go through additional screening and it will be next week before this is completed.

You’re well aware from the other topics you’ve participated in that 90 - 95% of apps are reviewed with in 48 hours, and over 50% are reviewed in less than 24 hours.

I appreciate that this is frustrating but repeatedly posting and emailing will not make the process go any faster.

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Is there a way admins could create a post about what may make approval take longer so that developers are aware ahead of time.

I’m not sure if this is possible or if it’s a case-by-case decision. This may be helpful for those who keep wondering…“Why, why it take thunk staff sooooo long on my perfect app to approve so i can get rich?”


Apologies I’ll wait

Almost been 2 weeks and no update or email regarding AdMob

@farhanlatif027i3df, patience is a virtue, my friend.

Like he said here. Look for a response in about a week. That message was only 5 days ago. A business work week only goes from mon-Friday. So maybe look for it next Monday?

Just so you know I last submitted my form last month so it has been 1 month and 2 week ongoing and then resubmitted because no one knows where the last form went no update at all from Thunkable so if I’m asking over and over it’s because I have reason to

You have a casino APP ?or something you been waiting really long

No that’s the thing it’s a basic social media app that’s what I don’t get

What the Heck U Are Doing!! I Have spent tons of hours for creating my App in your thunkable website but U are still reviewing it!! Please review my app quicky or U will lose a pro customer and I will give u bad feedback about this. So, Please resolve my issue as early as possible and review my app quickly! I Have sent it for review earlier but i had provided U the designer URL so U can review my app quickly!

Please be patient. You might already know there are many apps on the line to be reviewed. Or your submission might have some issues. Let thunkable team breath :face_with_head_bandage:.

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Ok, Its Fine I Understand that.