Are apps with AdMob reviewed in 48 hours?

What the Heck U Are Doing!! I Have spent tons of hours for creating my App in your thunkable website but U are still reviewing it!! Please review my app quicky or U will lose a pro customer and I will give u bad feedback about this. So, Please resolve my issue as early as possible and review my app quickly! I Have sent it for review earlier but i had provided U the designer URL so U can review my app quickly!

Please be patient. You might already know there are many apps on the line to be reviewed. Or your submission might have some issues. Let thunkable team breath :face_with_head_bandage:.

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Ok, Its Fine I Understand that.

Hi @asligamerashwx :wave: welcome to our community. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the #communityguidelines - one of the most important things is that all members are polite and courteous - including to the Thunkable Staff!

I’d agree with Aravind here - the review process takes time, as does the publication process and - as you know yourself - so too does the app development process.

We value each and every PRO subscriber that joins Thunkable PRO, however I would never encourage anyone to risk any sort of financial difficulty to become a member. From our records it appears that you cancelled you membership shortly after applying to join the AdMob program.

You app did take a little longer to review - 44 hours in fact - but sometimes it can be longer and sometimes it can be less. We give the 48 hour figure so that users have a general idea of what to expect.

Google also aim to review apps in 2 - 3 days, but if it’s your first time publishing an app there it may take up to a week, or at least from my experience is can take several days.

I’d object strongly to your use of this characterisation - and I’d appreciate it if you removed it from you public post.

Nope - it has absolutely no bearing on your standing or credibility on Google Play. It’s far more important to have a rigorous privacy policy in place and to ensure that you are following AdMobs guidelines to the letter.

Just for the sake of completeness, we review 90% of apps within 48 hours. Sometimes however it may take longer - I’ll try to make sure this is more clearly communicated in the future.

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LOL chill dude it takes about 3 days i have notice

Thanks for the reply, I Appreciate that , I’m editing my review and I Solely apologize for my bad review… (This Was Due to i saw a comment in youtube in which the person hadn’t get the app reviewed after 15 days!!) So It’s Fine. I Appreciate the Thunkable community for replying me, so quickly. Also I Wanna ask that after "How much time did U Take After this Mail “Please accept Thunkable’s AdMob invitation”. I Had accepted in my admob account already.

Hello people of thunkable. I am a pro member of thunkable and I have made an app which I put admob ads in and submitted it for approval via thunkable’s form ( It all seemed very intuitive.
Shortly after I accepted the management agreement in my admob account for thunkable to manage it and get 5%.
That was about 3 days ago and I read that the approval process should take 48 hours…but as of now, I still cannot download my app to get it posted on the app store/play store. When I try to, it says for me to submit my app for review via the form. But I already did.
Is there anything I am forgetting to do?

P.S. It’s completely OK if thunkable is just taking some extra time to review my app. However, I want to be sure I completed my side of the work (this app is part of a larger project that I have had to put on hold due to waiting for Thunkable’s approval, and it is costing me lost time and money each I wait, which is no big deal, I just need to understand the process and timeline better).

I have asked thunkable’s support chat, and it says they typically respond within 2 hours, but I have never gotten a response from them.

Thanks for any advice from those who may have gone through this process and can reassure I’ve done everything or not.

Thank you all.

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Thanks for reaching out @richardmconley4 - there’s been a big surge in new PRO members and consequently in people applying to monetise their apps in the last month so we’re doing our best to get through them all.

Your app has been reviewed now, but just to let you know if you have any AdMob questions, all members of our network have a dedicated support email that you can use for a prompt response.

Thanks again and best of luck publishing your app.


Thanks so much!

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so… did they ever get to you? and how long did it actually take?

@animensmoke Most apps are approved within 24-48 hours. however, depending on the actual app content, this time may be much longer or may never reach approval.

Do you have enough current customers to make money such that you need it right now? Haae you considered building a user base first? Putting out a free version to begin getting feedback from your users. Then eventually add the apps in.

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we actually kinda do have a following… We just need this to get passed, in fact it would be such a great honor if you guys worked with us a little closer. i Know every thunker valuable respectfully, but we got a broadcasting network, and the apps we working on is needed for our promo package. Well we cannot advertise successfully unless our app is ready, so really what i want is for you guys to see the means to how i will use it. We are still working on the app, but we just need you guys to see that we in fact will not violate the rules, and that we can proceed with more trust so that we can continue to drop these apps.

my app took over 72 hours and not a single reply to tell why. idk what management benefit they provide for taking 10% of the admob revenue